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Wake Up Your Gift

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Are you a successful, thriving woman leader who’s excited about your future, but feeling a bit stagnant and now are wondering what’s next?

Are you gifted and talented, but feeling misaligned in your purpose and God-given gifts?

Are your biggest dreams and goals still sitting on the shelf, gathering dust after all this time?

Are you bored and uninspired with your current career or life path?

Listen, don’t let another day slip by in limbo. Now is the time to take action and create a purpose-driven life and career.

I have a solution for you. 5 years ago I was exactly in that space, successful, great career, family, ministry, but there was something missing.

I’m Nikita Lawrence, Faith-Based Life & Executive Coach & Bestselling Author with over a decade of experience, helping Top Women Leaders, Wake Up Their Gifts and Get out of their own way to reach their Big Goals!!

If you’re ready to make a change and do the work, my newest book, “Wake Up Your Gift and Reclaim Your Future on Purpose,” shows you how to achieve greater success in every area of your life.

Inside this jam-packed, 5-day interactive coaching guide, you’ll learn how to:

👉🏾Hop off the struggle bus.

👉🏾Bust out of your comfort zone.

👉🏾Master your Mindset

👉🏾And finally become the leader you were meant to be.

I wrote this book to give leaders all around the world clarity around how and why they’ve felt stagnated or stuck though they’ve had massive success before. It’s time to elevate! Start today!!