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Wake Up Your Gift

Bestseller, The Secret of the Wealth Success Chamber Book

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In just ten days, you can completely change your way of thinking about success and personal transformation. With The Secret of the Wealth Success Chamber: Volume 1, Nikita Lawrence shatters common myths about the search for success. She instead presents a solid foundation that will help you improve every part of your life.

Lawrence teaches you how to access your Wealth Success Chamber, which contains everything you need to achieve wealth, success, purpose, vision, and personal transformation. Follow these steps to create your ideal life:

•Identify your current perspective, purpose, and vision for your life.
•Understand how others perceive you.
•Create your personal brand.
•Look back on past mistakes and learn from them.
•Discover God’s plan for your life.
•See the difference between physical beauty and inner beauty.
•Practice true forgiveness.
•Stop fear from ruling your life.
•Take ownership of both your accomplishments and failures.

Lawrence’s manual is set up as journal. Each prompt and affirmation will encourage you to think meaningfully about your journey and realize patterns of negative thoughts and actions. With self-reflection, you can realize the truth about your potential and let your soul and spirit soar.